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Our Organization

YMOM (pronounced why mom) Young Men On A Mission Inc. is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization established in the inner city of Milwaukee, WI. We’ve been on the ground for the last five years. YMOM has been influential in positively impacting the lives of young men across the city of Milwaukee. Some of the accomplishments have been rewarding to witness unfold before our eyes through the various programs: mentoring, sports and work training.  In addition, our organization implemented a program called “Mission Driven” to assist young men enrolled in college who have benefited from the mentoring program of YMOM during their elementary, middle and high school years. In return, those same young men are mentors to the young men in YMOM today. YMOM sees the benefit factors of simply giving the “Gift of Time.” Our mentors embrace this concept of giving their time to young men, understanding the importance of mentorship


About Our Founder

Dennis Gaynor's leadership style and ability to influence youth have caused not only the church world but other civic and community organizations to take notice. He has worked with youth for over 10 years. He started working locally and is currently a youth leader at his church, Bethel Temple COGIC. He's worked with young men called The Bible Commandos, empowering young men between the ages of 4-18 to know the word of God.  There has been at least four groups of young men to be mentored by this program. Some are now college students, entrepreneurs and family men. In 2014, Mr. Gaynor reached out into the community. He established YMOM Young Men On A Mission Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. His organization blends sports and strong character values in young men causing them to become productive citizens of our society.


Our Mission

That every young man will: understand their life’s mission; gain hope in themselves to create goals that extend beyond their daily existence; retain hope when it appears that the odds are stacked against them; and dare to be somebody. Through our mentoring program, young men will be taught the importance of “Keeping It R.E.A.L. (Respect, Endurance, Accountability and Love).”  Our organization stands firmly on our motto: No matter the circumstance, we can't afford to lose one.™ What does this mean? We can’t afford to lose young men to drop out of school, to the streets, jail, an early grave, addictions, and the lack of skills to function in school, society and with their families.  It’s our desire to see every one of our young men succeed in life.

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