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YMOM (pronounced why mom) Young Men On A Mission Inc. is a 501(C)3 faith based nonprofit organization established in the inner city of Milwaukee, WI.


YMOM has been influential in positively impacting the lives of young men across the city of Milwaukee.  Our organization is built on the foundation of God's Holy Word. Before there was YMOM Young Men On A Mission Inc., there was Bible Commandos. Our mission is to set young men on the right path by equipping them with the necessary tools to understand their life mission (purpose). YMOM understands that mentorship is the pathway that lights the way for young men.  

The Foundation of what we stand for:



  • Young men will learn to respect themselves, peers and others. (Respect)

  • Young men will accomplish the task before them with the help of : God, confidence in themselves, peers, mentors & others. (Endurance)

  • Young men will take ownership of their actions. We will hold each other accountable and complete our assignments. (Accountability)

  • Young men will know that they are loved by God, by their peers, mentors and learn to love themselves.  (Love)

Proverbs 9:9 AMP

Give Instruction to a wise man and he will become even wiser; Teach a righteous man and he will increase in learning.  



Our mission is clear: to guide every young man towards understanding their life's mission, instilling hope to create goals beyond their daily existence, maintaining resilience in the face of adversity, and encouraging them to dare to be somebody.


Our organization stands firmly on our motto: No matter the circumstance, we can't afford to lose one.™ What does this mean? It is YMOM's desire to see every one of our young men succeed in their life mission (purpose).

All I can say is God is good all the time. I can't ask for nothing more than what my baby got. I'm so grateful and so appreciative of his

coach/mentor and his wife for always being there from the beginning to the end. They've had my son's back and I'm just so happy I had them by my side because without them I wouldn't have a clue. Dennis Gaynor Jr. and Mrs. Gaynor I love you guys to the moon and back. I can't stress enough how much I appreciate you...

Johnisha Nuell

Always will be a Man on a mission.

Sylvester Walker

12th grade, Riverside High School

Congrats Dennis Gaynor Jr. rewarding a man that doesn't look for payback.

Mr. L. Boyd

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